Welcome, to the most prestigious club in the Metaverse.

Whitelist only, exclusive Party Monsters Club currency.
50% off during pre-sale.
Pre-sale price: 0.00000001$

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Why should you purchase some
Party Monsters Coins?

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Made for the Party Monsters Community.

Party Monsters Coin is made for the Party Monsters Club community, an exclusive community that will enjoy various benefits as time goes.
We aim to make the community so prestigeous, that our community members will feel like they're part of something special. Something exclusive. Something the others will envy them on.

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SOOO MUCH room for growth.

Priced at just 0.0000001$ during pre-sale, and 0.00000002$ during main-sale, the room left for growth is equal to distance between the Earth and the Moon.
Party Monsters Coin is all set for catapultion into the orbit.

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The only way to get whitelisted for the upcoming Party Monsters NFT drop is to purchase Party Monsters Coins in the upcoming coin-sale. And benefits you get from minting a Party Monsters Club NFT are nothing short of amazing - from free VIPs, to earnings share and physical replicas of your NFT's, airdrops and more - with focus on value growth.
We're truely building something huge here.

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Multiple. Airdrops.

Everyone that purchases Party Monsters Coins during the coin sales is qualified for future airdrops by all future Party Monsters Club projects, as well as projects associated with Party Monsters Club.
The airdrops will be deposited to your Whitelist address, so make sure you keep you wallet safe! 😊

About the Party Monsters Club NFT collection...
Why Party Monsters Club over other NFT "projects"?

because the list of benefits is INSANE.

Unlike other NFT "projects", which are essentially worthless - with their biggest utility being "uniqe traits" (which is funny, by the way), Party Monsters Club is a FIRST MOVER.
The first NFT project that has actual, real world value.

Other NFT Projects

The biggest problem with other NFT "projects" is that
they don't offer ANY REAL VALUE.

All they offer is a PRETEND value.

1. NO Incentive

... other than you being a part of some fictive lore made up by some nobody. Your money is worth
more than that.

2. NO real value.

The only thing giving their NFT's any value is YOU THINKING it matters that your monkey has a sailor hat, and another monkey doesn't. Seriously.

3. Too VR-reliant.

Your NFT value lays in your bet that VR goggles are going to be widely used, and that VR museums will be a thing. That's a wild bet. Why not make our NFTs valuable RIGHT NOW?

Party Monsters Club will change all that.
Learn more about the PMC NFT collection here.

... now back to the Party Monsters Coin.


Whitelists & Airdrops.

except for exclusive whitelist and right to mint during the upcoming Party Monsters Club NFT drop, everyone who purchased $PMC during pre-sale will be whitelisted and eligible for airdrops by all all future projects associated with Party Monsters Club.


part of the Party Monsters night club earnings will be used to buy Party Monsters Coins from the market. The purchased coins will then be airdropped to $PMC holders every 6 months, based on their share in total supply.


stake your Party Monsters Coin
and earn a passive income.
Let your $PMC work for you.
The more you stake,
the more you earn.


- STAGE 1 -



we'll announce the Coin Sale at
an undisclosed date, so only
the quickest and most supportive whitelist members of the community will be able to purchase.


PMC NFT Collection drop.

the broadly anticipated Party Monsters Club NFT collection drop will be announced after the Coin Sale, and only those who purchased Party Monsters Coins will be able to mint.


Listing on Exchanges, CMC.

listing on Opensea, one by one DEX like PanCake Swap, and then Coinmarketcap and a reputable CEX. We'll strive to list on as many exchanges as possible.

- STAGE 2 -

It is a little too early to make the Stage 2 announcements, but we can at least tell you what to expect.
Stage 2 will be huge.

We'll have:
✔️ Airdrops. Multiple airdrops.
✔️ the night club GRAND opening.
✔️ invitations sent to community members
for the grand opening party
✔️ all travel and accomodation expenses
PAID BY US, for the biggest supporters
✔️ first royalties sent out, and more.

Just incredibly exciting times ahead.

Please note that majority of applicants will NOT be whitelisted, as the seats are extremely limited.
You're more than welcome to
submit your application, tho!

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